When people go underwater in scary movies, I like to hold my breath and see if I would have survived that situation.
I almost died in Finding Nemo.

My Crush

Friend: Dude, I can’t stop dreaming about my crush.
Me: Well imagine this… You’re home alone, and your crush comes over to visit.
Friend: Ok I can see it…
Me: She walks into your room and you’re just sitting there.
Friend: Uh-huh.. I’m likin’ this.
Me: Ok. So she walks in front of you, takes her pants off. She’s not wearing any underwear.. And then she sits on you.
Friend: Oh-ho-hoo.. Whatta’ naughty girl.
Me: Yeah, ok. Don’t get dirty on me. So she’s sitting on you. And then… she starting shitting in you. Right then and there, you find out you’re a toilet.
Friend: I hate you…

Roses are Red

Roses are red
Nuts are brown
Skirts go up
Pants go down
Body to body Skin to skin
When its stiff
Stick it in
The Longer its in
The Stronger it gets
It goes in dry And comes out wet
It comes out dripping And starts to sag
Its not what you think……
Its a Teabag

Can I Fly?

i believe i can flyyy
got shot by the pizza guyyy
all i wanted was some onion ringggss
from McDonald’s or Burgerkinggg
I believe i can soarrrr
mom slapped me in the grocery storeee
Even though im 24 I still got an imaginary dinosoarrrrr
I believe i can falllll I tripped on a bouncey ballll
Thought id post this funny jokes. Even though i got no votes.

Tough Guy Joke

Tough guy: I can’t believe your still a Virgin! HAHAHAHA
Other Guy: I was a Virgin until last night
Tough guy: As if!
Other guy: Yeah man just ask your sister
Tough Guy: I don’t have a sister???
Other Guy: You will in about 9 months