The leading couple of this joke consists of husband and wife. The wife has just taken a shower and comes out wrapped in a towel, still shy being newly wed.
“Well, I’ve seen you naked. You don’t need that towel,” says husband.
“I just feel more comfortable this way,” wife responds.
“But I want to take a picture of you in a natural state,” continues husband.
Wife gets suspicious and asks what husband would do with the photo. “I’ll put in in my wallet and keep it close to my heart all the time,” he responds, and gets his picture then heading for shower himself. He returns clean but also wrapped in a towel.
“Why are you wearing that towel now – I want a photo of you in return,” demands wife. Husband does as he’s told, the photo’s taken and they check the result in their digital camera.
“What will you do with this photo of me, then?” asks husband.
Wife takes a good look at her husband, then the photo, then husband again. “I’ll have it enlarged” she finally responds.

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